Welcome to Aarambh.


Aarambh (www.aarambhindia.org) is an initiative that combines Prerana's 28 years of experience with ADM Capital Foundation's (www.admcf.org) learnings from the international ‘Break the Silence’ initiative to support communities in safeguarding children from sexual abuse.

Aarambh aims to make child protection a collective responsibility by focusing on building expertise of citizens and agencies through intensive trainings, case management and providing access to information on child sexual abuse.

Aarambh is a centralized platform where one partner with innovative ground programs, share work & knowledge, and connect to national and international experts for taking the cause of child sexual abuse prevention to a tipping point.

To build a collaborative culture among civil society, law enforcement, and judiciary in India to promote, educate, and share best practices on child safety and protection via technology, community engagement, and training.

A country where children are protected from sexual abuse and exploitation by their families, communities, the civil society, and the State; and where the offenders are brought to justice by the State.


www.aarambhindia.org: India’s first online resource portal on child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Mumbai Children’s Safety Initiative: An NGO network run by youth living in slum communities trained in child protection, prevention of abuse and reporting in Mumbai.

Legal aid and services to child victims of sexual exploitation in Mumbai.

Training of NGOs, Government agencies and various civil society groups on prevention, online safety and legal aspects of Child Sexual Abuse.


Check out this video of a flash mob that was presented by students from S M Shetty College, drummers from the Mumbai Drum Circle and children from Prerana. It was held on December 14, 2013 at the R-City Mall in Ghatkopar with the objective of raising awareness about Aarambh and its aim of ending child sexual exploitation.