Night Care Centers

The Night Care Center (NCC) project was conceptualized and implemented, for the first time worldwide, in 1986, at the Kamathipura red light area in Mumbai. The concept of an NCC is both basic and innovative. The NCC is a safe place for mothers to protect their children from the influences and dangers of the red light district during the critical night hours. The NCC’s provide a comprehensive package of services on a 24x7 basis such as: protected shelter, wholesome nutrition (6 meals in a day), free medical and health facilities, and education and recreational facilities. The NCC is a home away from home. Currently, we have set up 3 Night Care Centers in 3 red light areas of Mumbai which provide a healthy environment to over 250 children.

The NCC project includes following activities that are done on a routine basis:

  1. Admissions
  2. Medical follow-up
  3. Daily field visits
  4. Nutrition
  5. Puppet shows, story telling, songs and play activities
  6. Dancing feet, exercises and outdoor games
  7. Television watching
  8. Fortnightly team meetings
  9. NCC staff support group (Udaan) meetings
  10. Mother's meetings
  11. Kill Bill Collective meetings