Post Rescue Operation

Most official rescues in India until the recent past resulted into the re-trafficking of the rescued victims. That was because of the absence of any official mechanisms including policies, protocols, programmes, provisions, budgets, politico-administrative will, sensitivity, and capacity, on the part of the state. Prerana devised the concept of professional and comprehensive follow up of the rescue operations to its logical end the reintegration of the victims of CSE&T with oneself and the society coupled with the restoration of justice to the victims. Prerana intervened at all levels such as policy making, administrative, legislative, judicial, and networking. It took up concrete projects at the ground level by collaborating with the state agencies, widely networked in South Asia for a better understanding about the family and social background of the victims, provided material and non material assistance to the victims including high quality psycho social counseling, facilitated victim witness protection, provided legal assistance to the victims, helped property recovery through the police, and prepared the victims for a long term rehabilitation programme.

Post Rescue Operation (PRO) refers to the recommended professional intervention which ideally occurs after victimization. The PRO begins immediately after rescue of a traffic victim and continues up to the stage of repatriation and/or social reintegration. For a PRO program to be effective many services are needed including but not limited to - legal aid, emergency aid, property recovery, trainings for internal and external partners, and livelihood opportunities. A proper post rescue operation is often what will determine the success of a police investigation, as well as ultimately led to a prosecution. More important in many ways is that the post rescue operation works to ensure that the victims are not victimized a second time within a system that is meant to bring justice to them. Prerana, has pioneered a comprehensive PRO in South Asia that is a model for the world.

PRO Activities: Following is a list of activities that are conducted and has facilitated with respect to the PRO model that Prerana uses.

Case Management: Documents prepared well in advance and discussed with concerned Probation Officer (PO) for comments and suggestions.

Legal Guidance: Adv. Adenwala appointed in April, 2008 visits twice a month giving legal inputs in cases referred directly to Prerana and other cases where legal queries crop up.

Legal Aid: Case presentations made before CWC, representations made in higher Courts ensuring victim witness protection.

Property Recovery: In networking with police help recover any tangible property left behind in the brothels.

Psychosocial Counseling: Counselor appointed in November 2008 visits Govt. Shelter home twice a week.

Emergency Aid: Provided as and when required by the Home; e.g. phone, LPG and photographer bills, goody bags for girls – soap, oil, etc.

Felicitations/Alumini Meets: To provide platform for interaction and sharing of experiences that will lead to motivation.

Networking: Involved in all phases of PRO – with NGOs, the Govt. bodies as well as the corporate sector.

HIR: Base document in order to further the Child Welfare Committee’s decision on custody of victim. Done directly or in networking with NGOs.

Livelihood Options: Through Pratishtha Training Centre – fashion designing, beauty care, catering and hospitality services.

SWOT Analysis: Implementation of minimum standards of institutional care – Add-On Menu, Recreational Services, Staff Trainings.

Add-On Menu: Committee of 10 volunteer girls prepares 5 – 6 special meals (palak paneer, gajar halwa, idli sambhar, eyc.) in a month using items provided by Prerana that supplement the Govt. ration. Participatory process – girls and Home staff invloved in the process.

Recreational Activities: Promoted through formation of a Cultural Committee, celebration of events every month, counter burnout staff parties, residential camps, etc.

Staff Trainings: At least one every semester held in the Govt. home premises for the staff besides other external training sessions. E.g. Life Skills Education, Crisis Management, workshop on Minimum Standards of Care and Support Services.

Quarterly Review Meets: Between Special Home staff and Prerana Team providing services in the Special Home. Helps review our services and provides a platform to discuss future interventions with the Home authorities.