Case Studies
Prerana is proud to share some samples of our success stories. Examples like these prove that our methodology is working and that we are able to make a difference for the children of the red light areas. (The names in these case stories have been changed from the original documents).
Against All Odds

Rohan is 16 years old. His mother is HIV positive but she is a strong lady and has brought him up in a manner which has made him understand reality as well as accept it. Rohan’s mother left the flesh trade when he started attending school and she worked with an NGO. But she had to get back into the trade owing to her aadmi’s ill-health and unstable economic conditions. Rohan has been a witness to all of this and has always been sensitive to his mother’s wishes, never deviating from his path. Rohan is an example of a boy who is faced with several obstacles in his life. Being the oldest of 3 siblings and having to support the family at such a young age at times makes him feel negative and defeated. But he always tends to rise above this situation and emerge a winner.

We helped Rohan gain admission in a good school and he completed 10th standard with 57%. We took care of part payment of his tuition fees for 10th standard. We also helped him with college admissions and college fees. He has opted for the Commerce stream. Rohan has exhibited a strong attachment to Prerana as well as the staff members. He expressed a wish to volunteer during the evenings in the study class as a part time teacher. We are giving him a stipend of Rs. 1000 for the same.

Rohan is an all-rounder. We encouraged him to participate in all activities and he excelled in them. He has been an excellent student within our Education Support Program intervention. He is almost always unanimously chosen by his peers as their representative. Rohan is a good dancer, singer, cricketer, football player, actor and painter. He attracts the attention of everyone be it a visitor or a volunteer. As quoted by one of our partners, Mr. Tom Verner (Founder – Magicians Without Borders who is training him along with 15 other youths to become professional magicians): “This boy has so much style. If he was to wear an outfit made of rotten leaves or if a barrel was to be put around him, even then he would look stylish and stand apart. He is one of those individuals who have that edge within them.” Rohan wants to eventually get into the creative field and is working towards the same.

I'm Determined to Excel...
Sahil is 22 years old. He’s lived in both Kamathipura and Falkland Road red light areas. From the beginning Sahil has exhibited a positive attitude and behaviour. He regularly attended the night care centre and the evening study class. He participated in all activities and emerged as a good leader as well as a team player. His mother would be constantly in touch with us regarding his growth. He was an average student but would always try his best. He took positive advantage of all the facilities provided to him by us. When he reached 10th standard we sponsored 50% of his tuition fees. Sahil received 53% in his 10th standard board examinations and he opted for the Commerce stream. Meanwhile his mother left the flesh trade and got into a business venture of her own which proved to be lucrative for her. Sahil would help her in the business. Sahil has a younger sister who is differently abled and attends a special school. Sahil takes good care of her. Sahil also availed of the facilities within the Night Care Center. He was liked by all the caretaker staff because he was always enthusiastic about helping them with taking care of children. Currently Sahil has gained admission in a night college and has completed his first year in Commerce. He scored 75% in his 12th standard board examinations. Sahil wants to work in a big multinational company as a corporate professional.