Team Prerana

Prerana owes its success to the tireless efforts of its team members. Here is a brief introduction to the people that make it all happen.

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Dr. Pravin Patkar

Co-Founder & Director

Dr. Patkar co-founded Prerana in the year 1986 and later founded Asia’s first Anti-Human Trafficking resource center in the year 1999 supported by the US Government. He has also served as an expert on several national and international agencies working in the anti-human trafficking sector. Aside from his commendable work in the anti-trafficking sector, Dr. Patkar is an academician and has been in the teaching profession for over forty years.

Priti Patkar

Co-Founder & Executive Secretary 

Priti Patkar fondly known as ‘Priti tai’ is the Founder and Executive Secretary of Prerana. Originating from Mumbai, she obtained her ‘Bachelors in Social Work’ from Nirmala Niketan College and her ‘Masters in Social Work’ from Tata Institute of Social Science. In the year 1986, she along with her husband Prof. (Dr) Pravin Patkar began their work along with Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work in Kamathipura, the then largest red-light area in Asia. It was there that Prerana was born – to break this cycle of exploitation and inter- generational trafficking.

Deepali Sarode

Accounts Assistant

Deepali joined the Accounts department at Prerana in January 2020 to help the organization with its financial documentation and accounting needs. She is a graduate in the same subject and has worked in Chartered Accountant firms in the past. Her knowledge in the subject and her diligence makes her a valuable asset to our Accounts team. 

Archana Shinde

Head of Accounts

Archana joined Prerana in 2012 as an Accountant. She has completed Master’s in Commerce from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Archana is a soft-spoken and meticulous worker. She keeps all of us on our toes when it comes to getting our accounts approved.

Reehanbaig Mirza

Outreach Coordinator, Educational Support Program

Reehanbaig is a certified Para Professional from Nirmala Niketan. He had joined Prerana as an Outreach Worker in 2008 and is currently the Outreach Coordinator for our Educational Support Program. From photography to communications to designing, he is known in the organization for his passion towards learning new things. Dancing is his favourite hobby and he devotes his leisure time towards it.

Sheetal Jadhav

Outreach Coordinator, Educational Support Program

Sheetal is a certified Para Professional from Nirmala Niketan and had joined Prerana as a Study Class Teacher. Eventually she was promoted to the position of an Outreach Worker and is currently the Outreach Coordinator. She loves engaging children in creative activities like painting, origami because it reminds her of her childhood. She is a cricket enthusiast who enjoys cycling and sports.

Vaishali Karande

Senior Outreach Coordinator, Educational Support Program

Vaishali completed her Bachelors in Arts from Yashwant Rao Chavan Open University and has been associated with Prerana since 1998. She had joined as a Study Class Teacher and is currently the Senior Project Coordinator of the Educational Support Program. She has an appreciable understanding of the community and works with them well. She cherishes reading books and singing when she is not working with the community.

Jyoti Sasane

Social Worker, Night Care Center

Jyoti pursued her Masters in Social Work from S.N.D.T Women's University and joined Prerana as a social worker. If there's any difficulty during the issuance of any documentation in the communities we work with, she is an expert to resolve it. She loves listening to music, dancing and traveling to hill stations when she can spare time.

Mamta Halwai

Outreach Coordinator, Night Care Center

Mamta completed her Bachelors in Arts from Yashwant Rao Chavan Open University. She had joined Prerana as a Balwadi teacher and is currently the Outreach Coordinator of the Night Care Centre. She is enthusiastic about conducting innovative activities with children that helps them learn new things and at the same time influences their behaviour positively. She enjoys singing in her free time.

Neelima Pawar

Outreach Coordinator, Night Care Center

Neelima pursued her Masters in Social Work from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. She previously worked with the Community Committed Development Trust and currently works as the Outreach Coordinator in Prerana. She enjoys dancing to songs she enjoys and penning her thoughts down on paper in her leisure time.

Chhaya Jagtap

Senior Project Coordinator, Night Care Center Child Protection Officer

Chhaya pursued her Masters in Social Work from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth and had joined Prerana as the Superintendent at Naunihal. Within Prerana, she has worked in a diverse set of roles with unmatched determination and enthusiasm. From being an Outreach Worker to the Senior Project Coordinator, her journey in Prerana is inspiring. She enjoys reading novels and photography at every chance she gets.

Aruna Katkar

Project Manager, Night Care Center

Aruna completed her Master's in Social Work from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth and has previously worked at Don Bosco Balprafulta. She is currently the Project Manager of the Night Care Centre and her favourite part of the job is working with children. She has an impeccable leadership quality and her enthusiasm towards her work is inspiring. She enjoys reading thriller and suspense stories in her leisure time.

Mugdha Dandekar

Project Head, Night Care Center

Mugdha completed her Bachelors and Masters in Social Worker from Mumbai University and has been associated with Prerana since 2002. She joined as a Project co-ordinator, was promoted to the position of Project Manager and is currently working as the Project Head of the Night Care Centre. She cherishes traveling and listening to old songs. Her enthusiasm while working on the individual reports of children is a sight to behold.

Pankti Shah

Project Coordinator, Aftercare Services

Pankti completed her M.A. in Psychology with a specialisation in Counselling from Maniben Nanvati Women's college. In the past she has volunteered with the Adveka Foundation, Angel Xpress Foundation and further interned at the Don Bosco Shelter Home and Purushottam High School. She joined Prerana as a Project Coordinator for After care services. She enjoys watching films and shows and is an occasional reader. She will probably be found acting like a 5-year-old upon seeing fancy stationery.

Rahima Malik

Outreach Coordinator, Sanmaan

Rahima completed her Bachelor of Arts with Sociology and went on to work in a diverse set of roles at Swasth India Foundation, Sneha and Pratham. She is the Outreach Coordinator for the Sanmaan Program at Prerana and has great experience of field work along with impeccable communication skills. She's also a multitasker, working enthusiastically with various other programs like Aftercare services and IPP. She loves reading books and listening to music during her free time.

Mahesh Billu

Outreach Coordinator, Sanmaan

Mahesh works in Prerana as the Outreach Coordinator and is currently pursuing his Master's in Social Work from IGNOU. He has worked with Magic Bus in the past and is known to make people around him laugh during the most unexpected times. He enjoys playing games and dancing during his leisure time.

Hasina Shaikh

Project Coordinator, Sanmaan

Hasina has done her Master's in Social Work from SNDT University and has been with Prerana since 2016. She is known for being approachable and friendly that makes everyone feel comfortable around her. She interacts well with the communities and enjoys working with children on field. Whenever she is not working, she loves reading, dancing and traveling.

Sandhya Katkar

Project Coordinator, Sanmaan

Sandhya has completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Child Rights & Protection from Nirmala Niketan and worked with children in organizations like Child Line India Foundation and Hamara Foundation. She loves meeting new people and this quality of hers ensures that she builds rapport with communities effortlessly. She loves to travel and play badminton every chance she gets.

Richa Pant

Project Coordinator, Sanmaan

Richa joined Prerana in 2020 after working in organizations like SHARAN- Rehabilitation Centre for Paraplegics, Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal, New Children's Home, NIEPVD. She is a Post Graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Social Work. Richa gets along with children very easily and is known to enjoy the simpler things in life like a big ice cream cone.

Deepali Mistry

Project Manager, Sanmaan

Deepali pursued her Master's in Social Work with Specialization in Public Health from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and joined Prerana in 2016. Her sincerity and focus on field is commendable. When Deepali is not learning new skills at work, she enjoys reading, dancing and riding bikes during Mumbai rains.

Baby Khan

Supervisor, Naunihal

Baby completed her Bachelors in Psychology from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University and has been working with Prerana as a non-residential Supervisor at Naunihal and a part-time teacher at the Night Care Center as well. She is passionate about helping the underprivileged and working towards their betterment. She enjoys cooking and traveling in her leisure time.

Sairabanu Ansari

Supervisor, Naunihal

Sairabanu completed her Bachelor’s in Commerce from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University and has been associated with Prerana as a Supervisor. She works towards maintaining a peaceful environment in Naunihal and enjoys spreading positivity. When she is not busy thinking about the wellbeing of the girls, she indulges in cooking and traveling to new places.

Madhuri Shinde

Superintendent, Naunihal

Madhuri completed her Masters in Social Work from Indira Gandhi National Open University and has previously worked in a diverse set of roles at Kotak Securities and Bharat Matrimony. She is currently working as a Superintendent in Prerana’s Naunihal Home for Girls. She is known for her articulate communication skills and is always observant while she is working. She loves reading books on spirituality and health.

Rashmi Taylor

Casework Manager

Rashmi joined Prerana in 2017 after finishing her Master's in Social Work from Banasthali University and Bachelor's in English from Delhi University. She has been an important contributor in Prerana's Post Rescue Operations team since the inception of the program. Her ability to work diligently and strive to consistently deliver good work makes her an asset to this challenging program. 

Kashina Kareem

Assistant Director

Kashina has been a part of Prerana since 2016. A fresh graduate of financial markets, she fought much judgment from the world when she decided to opt for the Gandhi fellowship. She started as one of the few members in Prerana’s Post Rescue Operations team and is now leading the team. She remains committed to strengthening the post-rescue operations model at Prerana. She enjoys a good cuppa tea, reading, meaningful conversations; and will enjoy these more than anything if her cats are in the picture!

Annette Sherry Joseph

Project Coordinator, Sentinel

Annette completed her education from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Christ University. She worked in Children's Home Dongri, Prayas TISS and Teach for India before joining Prerana as the Project Coordinator in 2021. Her strengths lie in her willingness to learn from others and improving her work steadily. In the team, she is the one to go to if you want to talk about anything under the sun.

Geetarani Lourembam

Senior Project Coordinator, Sentinel

Geeta worked with the Child Protection Fellowship Project of TISS and Ashiyana Foundation after finishing her Master's from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She has always been passionate to advocate for Child Rights and this led her to join Prerana in 2020 in the Post Rescue Operations team. Her ability to reflect and her focus is commendable and makes her a great team player.

Minal Mahadik

Project Coordinator

Minal has completed her Master's in Social Work from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey (SNDT) Women’s University. Currently, at Prerana, she works as a Project Coordinator under the Strengthening Child Protection Systems project. She is a fencing player who has played at the State and All-India University levels. She has won many University-level medals and 'Best Player' awards.